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Treazpass Advertising is a signboard maker in Johor Bahru, helping companies in signboard design, manufacture and install LED signboard in Johor Bahru area, resolving all business advertising needs.

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Treazpass Advertising Sdn Bhd is a signboard company in Johor Bahru and also signboard maker in Johor Bahru(JB) helping companies in signboard design, manufacture and install LED signboard at factory price. Our factory price products include: Signboard,Signage,Hoarding,Billboard,Standee,Licensed Bunting and Banner,Vehicle Wrap,Roll-up Bunting and all sorts of customizable business advertising needs.

About Us


Factory Price Guarantee

We offer factory price with no intermediates between the deals, you deal directly with us.
*Actual price still varies marginally depends on range of service, layout design, addtional requirements etc*

  • Signboard

    Based on 20'x4'(inclusive of layout design and installation)

    3D LED Lettering Backlit Signboard begins at MYR 3000 and
    Lightbox Signboard begins at MYR 1800
    Visit our Signboard Johor Bahru page for more.

  • Signage

    Based on 2'x1' 3mm(inclusive of layout design and installation)

    Acrylic Signage begins at MYR120
    Visit our PRODUCT page for more.

  • Hoarding

    A temporary fence that surrounds construction grounds also a great tool for effectively displaying large size advertisements.

  • Billboard

    Normally seen on highways, due the size and height of billboard it offers maximum exposure of your advertisements.

  • Licensed Bunting & Banner

    Huge quantity of banner or bunting printing which advertised(licensed) in any "Taman" or below lampost for monthly basis. The advertising location is often under MBJB, MBJBT, MPPG, MPKU and so on.

  • Standee

    Standee(inclusive of layout design)

    Display Stand begins at MYR80
    Visit our PRODUCT page for more.

  • Vehicle Wrap

    Vehicle wrap is a mobile billboard, a marketing strategy to advertise by covering the vehicle with stickers or paintings to display advertisements.

    Creative Vehicle Wrap begins at MYR1000
    Visit our PRODUCT page for more.

  • Flagpot Bunting Stand

    A slightly large size stand holds a flag or advertisement board on top.

    Flagpot Bunting Stand begins at MYR300
    Visit our PRODUCT page for more.

  • Roll-up Bunting Stand

    Cost effective and high mobility, Roll-up bunting stand is an advertising tool to advertise or to display information about events or roadshow.

    Roll-up Bunting Stand begins at MYR120
    Visit our PRODUCT page for more.


Please visit our Product page for full list of products and price details


0% Instalment


We accept 0% instalment that spans tri-montly, half-year or a year, depends on the servce cost and so far is limited to Maybank.
The other local banks are still in negotation, should you have any doubts on the payment, please reach us using the inquiry form below.

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