1st hand factory price

We manufacture our product in our own factory which based in Mount Austin, therefore we can offer 1st hand factory price and with no middleman, you deal directly with us.
We offer our catalog below, actual price will still varies at a small margin due to range of service, signboard sizes, designing, installation and so on.

  • Signboard

    All price is inclusive of layout design and onsite installation
    Based on 20′ x 4′

    • 3D LED Lettering Frontlit Signboard


      Light emits from within the 3D lettering

      Starting from MYR 3500

    • 3D LED Lettering Backlit Signboard


      Light emits from behind the 3D lettering

      Starting from MYR 3000

    • 3D LED Punch Hole Lettering Signboard


      Light emits from holes which is punched on the 3D Lettering

      Starting from MYR 4000

    • LightBox Signboard


      Signboard front image is lit by light emittance within the box

      Starting fromMYR 1800

    • Colorbond/G.I Signboard


      Traditional 2D signboard

      Starting from MYR 900

    • Led Fabric Lightbox

      Led Fabric Lightbox

      Led Fabric Lightbox

      Starting from MYR 800

  • Signage

    Types of acrylic signage can be used indoor or outdoor, we craft acrylic to meet your business logo design
    Based on 10mm thickness

    • 3D Acrylic Cut Lettering Signage

      3d-acrylic-cut-lettering-signageStarting from MYR 500

    • 3D Acrylic Lettering Signage

      3d-acrylic-lettering-signageStarting from MYR 500

    • 20MM Acrylic Signage

      20mm-acrylic-signageStarting from MYR 500

    • Acrylic Cut Lettering Signage

      acrylic-cut-lettering-signageStarting from MYR 500

    • Acrylic Signage

      acrylic-signageStarting from MYR 500

  • Hoarding

    Hoarding serves as a great mean for real estate project advertising due to it’s long spanning size

    • Construction Hoarding


      Starting from MYR 250 per meter (10ft height)

    • Construction Hoarding


      Starting from MYR 250 per meter (10ft height)

  • Billboard

    • Maximum visibility of your advertising due to it’s height and standing tall signboard

    • Giant Size Monopole Billboard

      Starting from MYR 60000 (based on 40’x20′ V shape billboard)

    • Digital Billboard


      Starting from MYR 60000 (based on 40’x20′ V shape billboard)

  • Licensed Bunting & Banner

    Licensed Lampost Bunting and banner advertisements often seen in Taman and lampost, services included : licensing, installation, dismantle of the bunting and banner ads.

    • Licensed Street Banner


    • Licensed Lampost Bunting


    • Giant Banner


  • Standee

    Indoor or outdoor, we have all types of customizable standees for your businesses or events.

    • Display Stand

      standee-01Starting fromMYR 80

    • Sampling Counter

      standee-02Starting fromMYR 1500

    • Jumbo Banner Display

      standee-03Starting from(Custom)MYR 1000

    • Roadsign

      standee-04Starting fromMYR 350

  • Vehicle Wrap

    • Vehicle Wrap 1


      Like a mobile signboard or billboard, proper designed wraps will help to increase visibility of your business image

      Starting fromMYR 1000

    • Lorry Wrap 2


      Like a mobile signboard or billboard, proper designed wraps will help to increase visibility of your business image.

      Starting fromMYR 1500

  • Flagpot Bunting Stand

    With considerable height and comes with a flag, Flagpot Bunting Stand is quite often used for outdoor events.

    • Event Flagpot Bunting Stand

      flagpot-bunting-stand-01Starting from MYR 300

    • Street Flagpot Bunting Stand(Licensed)

      flagpot-bunting-stand-02Starting from MYR 300

  • Roll-up Bunting Stand

    Can be roll-up and keep, high mobility and space saving, suitable for all kinds of event or roadshow

    • Event Roll-up Bunting Stand

      roll-up-bunting-01Starting fromMYR 120

    • Event Roll-up Bunting Stand

      roll-up-bunting-02Starting fromMYR 120

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